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Welcome!  I’m a rabid, and extremely nerdy, student of Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts and related health, combat and movement principles.  I’ve been teaching beginners as part of my practice for about 3 years now (I’ve been a student of traditional Chinese teachers for about 10 years) and it turns out I love teaching this stuff!!  I teach a limited number of private lessons (in person and online), and a real-world class in Somerville, MA.

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Taiji for Engineers (not just for engineers :))

The class that ran for over 2 years at the Artisan’s Asylum is back, WOOHOO!

We’ve moved to a gorgeous new location just outside Union Square – 6:30pm every Sunday at Shobu Aikido.

Everyone is welcome to come try out this unique study group involving athletic, combat-aware taiji movement and philosophy.  Every week there will be different exercises, including focused stretches, movement and application practice, and some beautiful taiji forms to learn and practice.  You’ll get a great workout for your brain AND body!

This class is for adults with some fitness ability who want to learn the crazy beautiful Traditional Chinese martial arts fundamentals — things like moving from your core / dantien, rooting your stance, pushing hands, qigong, and more.

Beginners are welcome, as are other martial artists and athletes, dancers, flow-arts and circus practitioners — anyone who’s always wanted to not only learn the basics of Chen-style taiji forms, but to play with them on every level!

The cost is $20 per class, or $30 per 2 classes, or $50 per month.  (You get steep discounts for paying for more than one class at a time — and another 10% off per month off if you set up automatic payments.)  Both my online and IRL classes are as cheap as I can make them, but I am also open to making arrangements with anyone who is interested in the classes but cannot afford them in dollas right now.  Money should not stop us from learning this amazing stuff with each other!

Remember, get on the mailing list above if you’re interested in more info about class offerings!  I can only update this page so often.  :)


[Please note:  These are not lineage or “certified” classes, and I am not Chinese, just a huge fan of all things kungfu.  I have studied under two traditional sifus, and I have their permission to teach beginners what I know, which includes several forms, lots of workouts and training, and the basics of higher concepts like fajin (which is hard as hell and I’ve certainly yet to master it).  I can teach you a lot, especially if you’re a beginner and/or interested in a more collaborative approach — my classes are very much about all of us learning and studying together, and I’m a really good teacher, if you believe what people say! — but if you’re looking for traditional classes, I’d be happy to help you get in touch with some of the excellent sifus I’ve studied with, in Boston and elsewhere.  This class will also involve learning interesting and useful things about Chinese culture, medicine, and language; but again, this is because I’ve been studying it for a decade and I love it, not because I’m an expert.  I make every effort to provide a useful, healthy, fun class in traditional martial arts, while avoiding any cultural or other appropriation, and I welcome all questions and comments.  -/@- ]